Cricut Question


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Jan 18, 2000

I am ready to purchase a Cricut.

I am a little intimadated with it. I want for small projects like shirts, vynil lettering, customized goody bags.

Is it as hard as it looks? I also want to do some stuff for my daughter’s June wedding and will purchase this week.

What extras do I need to purchase to start and are there ever sales.

Thank you.


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Nov 26, 2006
Cricut sales should be coming up soon as May is National Scrapbooking month. I purchased my last couple machines (Air 2 and the Maker) thru HSN - they had fantastic deals and a 5 month payment plan which worked for me. U can check it out, I think they have bundle deals going on now (comes with tools, mats, some with vinyl, etc. ) I use mine mainly for scrapbooking and card making but I have done a couple of other projects as well. I found vinyl difficult, but that's just me and I only tried it once. My niece has a Cricut Maker and makes t-shirts all the time! There are plenty of step by step tutorials out to help you with any project on You Tube. Good luck!