Discovery Cove in Jan?


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Apr 14, 2020
I know no one can see the future but how likely is the weather to be decent enough in early Jan for Disvover Cove? My daughter really wants to do it for her 16th birthday on our next trip but is old enough to know it may not happen. We went in Feb our first trip to Disney but that was in 2010 and my mom had just died so I don't remember a ton but do remember we had warm swim weather and cold days. Also I heard Black Friday is sometimes a good time to purchase tickets for Discovery Cove anyone have experience with that? Thanks for any advice.


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Sep 12, 2008
The likehood of cold ("Florida cold", that is) weather is equal to the likelihood of warm weather at that time of year. The high could barely break 50, or be 85. It's anyone's guess (and the day after could be the exact opposite).

The water areas at discovery cove are quite warm, with the exception of the dolphin pool and the grand reef. Even those 2 areas are climate controlled so the water temperature is consistent regardless of the air temperature. Two of the water features, the Freshwater Oasis and the lazy river, are as warm as bathwater. If you are looking to warm up on a colder day, those areas are where to spend your time.

In colder weather, the park will have large heaters located in key areas throughout the park. They will be near the dining area, and other places where people can stand around them to help dry off and warm up. The wet suits that are provided to all guests will also help you stay warm on a day where the air temperature is on the coolside. That is what they are designed for.

We have been to discovery cove in every season. Our very 1st visit was during the month of January, and we had an amazing time. As of right now, discovery cove has a very flexible reschedule policy so if your vacation itinerary permits, you would be able to make a date switch at the last minute if there is availability. Just in case one day turns out to be forecast to be very cold while the rest of your vacation days are more moderate.

The blue Friday sales which are held on black Friday weekend each year have often held some very good offers for discovery cove. I personally would not want to wait that long to book a visit within 60 days or so of my vacation, but if you are willing to be patient it may pay off for you. You could always book your day now and cancel and rebook again if the blue Friday sales offer you is a better price than the current rate.


Earning My Ears
Apr 14, 2020
Thanks so much for your input. We typically aren't people to wait for tickets either but my husband is retired military and we have to wait for our salute Disney tickets too. But I did see that Discovery Cove has a veterans discount for up to 4. Thanks again for your comment it has some useful info in it. I appreciate it.


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May 17, 2005
'retired military'?

check out the ticket office at Patrick AFB for their prices which tend to beat the regular 'military specials' DC offers ..... they do phone/mail orders ....

gate TTC save

their price is fixed rather than the normal 'vary by day' ...... or has been IME anyway .....
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