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May 1, 2018
Honestly, I'd also love to see this return. It seems such a simple thing....and while we aren't huge purchasers while on vacation, we do end up buying a few things and sending it back to the resort. Our last trip we didn't buy anything because we hate carrying stuff around.
Yes!! That will deter me every time. "I don't want to carry this" and back on the shelf it goes.


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Apr 1, 2014
I suppose youre right. However most people dont go shopping at their local Gap after walking 10 miles in 90簞 Florida humidity.
Very true!

I will say that some of the things I saw in my brief summer stint at a store that sold clothing... well... they could not be posted here on this board. There are a lot of disgusting people out there. Anyway, I think I'll end this thread drift, haha.

On topic: I definitely miss the resort delivery too. Makes it so much easier to buy things. I'm sure it'll be back shortly since it is directly tied to making money.
  • nkosiek

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Large increase to Disney Park Pass availability for July as park capacity restrictions fade at Walt Disney World

    Earlier this morning, July 2021 had many days with limited availability for resort guests and theme park tickets, but as of midday, the availability is 100% across the entire month for all four theme parks.
    They better damn well open up more places to eat. It's ridiculous they keep adding more people but ADRs and even mobile orders are either gone or so backed up.