Disney World vs. Disneyland


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Mar 12, 2008
DL will always win for Walt's original vision. Outside of that WDW wins with more parks, more resorts, and mostly importantly for me, a true bubble. Ive been to both and still prefer WDW. I personally cant stand seeing downtown Anaheim while in the DL parks. Now if you take into account other options outside the park I could see Cali wining over Florida. Depending on tastes of course.
This is pretty much how I feel too. We love DL but for me WDW will always win because it’s more immersive and that Disney bubble is much bigger. I like how when you leave the park at WDW you are still at Disney, not the case at DL. And like you said, I don’t like seeing “real life” outside of the park when you are on rides up high.

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Apr 29, 2004
So while I do consider WDW my home park (I do work there), each park around the world has some thing about it that makes it stand out - for me, the special thing about DL is it was "Walt's park." AT DLP, it is that amazing castle; at HKDL, it is Mystic Manor! At SDL it is POTC (with Tron a close 2nd) and at TDR, it is DisneySea.
Well said. I'm not a CM but otherwise agree with pretty much everything. Except Disney Sea which we found to be just a mishmash of seaside settings with no artful transitions between them.