I'm Scrappin' Too!!!


Oct 24, 2000
I've been reading, admiring, and wishing about scrapbooking for too long, and finally took the plunge! I took a basic scrapbooking class - because getting started is very hard for me - and LOVED IT! I'm hooked!

I love to cook, and started reading this topic, and the talk of scrapbooking really got me interested. I had to learn more.

Do you ever stand back amazed that you've found people who love cooking, Disney, and scrapbooking, just like you do?

Thanks for the advice and inspriation - even though you didn't know you were inspiring me!

take care!
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Snow White

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Sep 5, 1999
You will have soooo much fun scrapbooking, it really becomes addictive! I am combining the cooking and scrapbooking right now, I am in a recipe club--every other month 25 of us swap recipe pages (main dish, appetizer etc) and bring the dish to sample! We have to decorate our page (with acid free scrapbooking materials) to coordinate with our recipe, it is a lot of fun to see what others come up with! Good luck and have fun!


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Aug 25, 1999
Scrapping is so much enjoyable.

It took me quite some time to get hooked but I think I was hooked long before I would admit it.

Have fun and share some of your experiences with us.


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Feb 11, 1999
Hi, luvdamouse! It's great to have another scrapper in our midst. :D