Room Requests


Earning My Ears
Feb 4, 2021
Do I call MS for this? I have a split stay at VGF and PVB coming up. My only "request" is for the highest floor possible. Its not an option for either in the online check in. In fact, its a lake view at Poly, and the only option is Moorea - arent all the lake views in Moorea? Anyway, do I have to call MS for that request?


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Sep 7, 1999
All PV lake views are in the one building. Request 2nd or 3rd floor, 1st floor you get a poor view of the MK and fireworks. You can e-mail or chat your request. Or if you have time to burn, call.


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Aug 19, 1999
The requests need to go through MS (the online room requests offered when doing online check-in are too limited these days). You can call and possibly have to wait forever these days for someone to actually answer, if MS answers at all.

An alternative is to send an email using the email feature on the website. Make sure you describe both reservations, including reservation numbers, in the email and make your requests in the email. Note, I personally would probably not request top floor but instead ask for "higher" floor, or, at Poly, 2d or 3d floor in Moorea. Not limiting your self to one floor increases the chances of actually getting an upper floor. MS usually responds to the email within a few days noting your request has been made.

Another option would be to use the online Chat feature but that, like the phone, has often not been working at many times lately.


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May 27, 2011
I was told to make the request at least 30 days before your stay to have the best chance of getting what you want as that’s when they start assigning rooms numbers on the back end.