The daily grind 1/26


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Sep 26, 2004
Good morning!

Hope everyone is doing well!
Megan found out school is doing a letter and they should be able to get COVID vaccination soon. My district is also sending letter to local health board for ours. Teacher/staff will be eligible in February.
My mom got her first one on Friday, she felt really tired but no other side effects.

Work on a few more valentines
Work -snow starting about 1:00
Finish valentines
Check in with Megan -her first day of masters class.
Run dishwasher

Have a wonderful day and stay safe


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Mar 17, 2014

Good luck with the lists!

Allison day
Taking peanut butter cake to my fav aunt - it’s her favorite and it’s her 93rd birthday! She lives alone and takes care of herself!!

Have a great day!


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Nov 26, 2006

Good luck on getting your COVID vaccinations Lisa!

Even though I am high risk, I don't seeing it becoming available to me in South Florida until sometime late spring or early summer. Just crazy how each state and city is different; my youngest brother and his wife in their mid 40's have already gotten the vaccine in TX from their health provider and so did my youngest sister in GA and her husband (she was eligible because her husband is a senior & 21 years older than her and they obviously share a home). Meanwhile, my other sister who is also high risk and a teacher and also lives in GA, hasn't been informed on when they will get the vaccine.

If you belong to certain health care systems in Florida, you can get the vaccine (if they have it) and you are high risk, sadly, not my health system. Will just have to wait it out. Thankfully, FL did stop the tourists from getting vaccinated and you now have to show a state i.d. or proof that you are a seasonal resident.

Water plants
Meal planning for two weeks
Prepare a couple of birthday cards for mailing
Work on coins
Meatballs for supper

Enjoy your day and stay safe!


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Dec 28, 2005
We have 1 with the first dose... second dose is schedule for Feb - due to the job she holds... I'm thinking another one will have it soon because of his job duties. The rest of us are all awaiting our turn and will sign up as soon as our age group is available. We will continue to do our due diligence even after we receive our doses and wear our masks regardless...


quick errand --- Done
once over house
load of laundry

I hope everyone has a great day..